Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014: I decided not to have a planner this year =)

  • My pre-quarter life crisis is on a roll for a quite sometime now and I can't afford to waste any more time planning. (since that's what planners are for)
  • A journal seems more suitable to me. (since diaries are long gone in my vocabulary)
  • I wanna live the moment, literally. I don't wanna worry about what might happen next. (just for now, for a year)
  • Making plans and sticking to it is worsening my OCD tendencies (I don't wanna end up saying "I can't live without my planner!")
So there, I've made my point (points?). I want this year to be a little different, in a way. There are a lot of things going on my head and if I ignore them, I might lost my thoughts and become a slave of this crippling world because of my own doing. Did I make any sense? Oh well, I am not sure either.

Just let me be and we'll see how it goes. Ciao!