Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Gatsby: The Roaring 20's

December 15th was the date of our company Christmas party themed, Great Gatsby: The Roaring 20's. It was held in Wack-wack Country Club, Mandaluyong City.

Well, as always predicted, I was fashionably late for the party. But I wasn't alone this time because my dear friend Sabrina gave me a ride, thus we were both late. When we arrived at the venue, the party has already started and everyone was almost finished with their food. Good thing we arrived just in time for our performance (our department let's newbies perform in a competition during the party). Since I do not have a cam anymore (thanks to the robber who took it months ago), I only relied to those who brought theirs. So, here are just a few photos I got from my friends. Haha!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Summer in December Weekend

We've been planning to go on an outing trip for ages and thankfully this one became a success. And so we headed to Club Balai Isabel. By we,  I meant my team, along with the Ivan Parco and Jaypee Santos.

Twas a sunny Saturday morning when we headed to Batangas. I did not know exactly which route we passed since I was like asleep the whole trip because of an upset stomach. Alas, we arrived at our destination way earlier than expected, thanks to the brilliant driving skills of Ms. Arianne Sy. It wasn't time to check-in yet so we looked around and did some picture-taking! After a quite while, we went to Tagaytay to grab some lunch at Carlo's Pizza.

Unfortunately, because of my upset stomach that was probably brought by the iced tea I drank while on our way without having breakfast, I ended up throwing up during lunch maybe because the iced tea triggered my hyperacidity. I really felt sick and all I wanted to do was lie down in bed. Good thing when we got back to the hotel, we can already check in. So I just then I went to my bed and sleep. I was just awakened later that night when it was time for dinner, which simply implies I was asleep the whole afternoon (lame. loser. boo!).