Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 1

Introduce yourself, post a recent picture and state 15 interesting facts.

My Name is Mary Joan Corazon Panoncillon Encabo. That was long. Hence, I preferred being called with my birth nickname, Mai2 or just plain Mai. A few others would rather call me Mayet, Mayot, Maying, Yamz, Yamzie, Yamitah, Yamie, My Girl and Siomai. 21 years old by age, 16 years old by looks. Currently employed as a Regulatory Pharmacist and is living on my own in the suburbs of Makati.

This picture was taken at MOA
on the 27th of Feb with friends
(Who were obviously cropped.
Sorry Ren and Aiks! Hehe =D
I don’t know if you’ll find the next fifteen things about me interesting. You can either leave this page or just go on reading. Enjoy!

♡ Writer – has been a consistent member of school papers from grade school through college and continues the craze in the blogosphere.
♡ Ms. Congeniality – can befriend anyone, talks even to strangers.
♡ Music refugee – can listen to a song over and over again.
♡ Occasion person – would always celebrate anything worth celebrating and tends to organize things even when not asked.
♡ Misbehaved goody-two-shoes – it’s up to you how you think of it.
♡ Inked – Oh yes, and not just temporary. I have a cuppa coffee in my belly and a ‘saved by grace’ phrase in my upper right torso, from below the armpit down to the waistline.
♡ Pierced – Just a few though, four (4) on the left ear and one (1) on the right. I’m planning to get a tongue and nose, too! But, after a decade pa siguro. I don't opt for a belly button because magiging agaw pansin siya with my tat.
♡ Spoiled-brat-turned-into-little-miss-independent – I have been living away from home for almost 6 months now, and I am proud to say that I don’t ask financial support from my folks anymore (somehow). *wink*
♡ Frustrated musical artist – I’ve been to piano and guitar lessons but ended up knowing only the basics and not truly play REAL music.
♡ Chess Nerd – Yes, you got me. I am so into chess, though you rarely see me play these days.
♡ Crybaby – Sad movies would always make me cry, especially when the story is about family.
♡ Adventurous – Literally loves adventures, may it be going to a place without anyone to guide me, or joining contests I barely have any idea of.
♡ Impulsive – As a consumer/shopper/decision-maker. I would sometimes just jump into something without thinking twice, or thrice. But I rarely regret, ‘coz I don’t wanna live my beautiful life full of regrets.
♡ Undomesticated – That is with regards to household chores, but I am trying to learn them one by one.
♡ Talented (I can hear someone opposing but I refuse to listen. Haha!) – Seriously, not really. But I can pretty much do a few things like sing, dance, declaim, orate, tutor, swim, dribble, play, etcetera. *big grin*


Anonymous said...

Hi, Siomai! Thank god I found you!
I incorporated my 2 blogs (Serendipity & Gone for the weekend) in livejournal: tail_agent.livejournal .com, you need to open an LJ account tho. Let me know once you have an account na so I can add you. Let me know your username, too. Or email me at: tagle_tina@yahoo.com


sioMai said...

vincenzotagle: Hey Ms. T! It's been quite a while. Thank you for finding me, too! I'll let you know as soon as I have created an account already. I missed you and your blogs! :) Godbless.