Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Day

It’s the first of May, and I don’t feel like welcoming it due to some personal, silly reasons. But my cousin is very insistent that we go out so after going to church we went to SM North EDSA. Trivia: Did you know that it was the first time that my cousin went there. Uh-huh! You’ve read that one right. She has been working here in Manila for a quite some time now, say 3 years, but she was not able to set foot to the said mall. Maybe she was not just that kind of mall person like me.

I was supposed to spend the whole day resting since it’s a labor day for crying out loud, but I did have fun strolling around the mall though, and taking pictures and of course, shopping. I also went to the gym to attend to the yoga class right after.

So, here are a few pictures of today’s happenings.

Waiting for my order to arrive.
Where's my order na ba?
Doing crazy whatever dahil sa matagal na order.
Main course pa lang ako, nasa dessert na sila.
Sorry if the pics are puro na lang ako. This is my blog naman, so I can post as many pictures of me as long as I want. LOL. Sige na nga, here's some of the pics with my friends:

At the spiral case in SM North Edsa Annex.
Len and Pau tried on some sunglasses. They were on sale.
Cool photo, isn't it? It was like she was in some other place.
Here's my dearest cousin, Pau. Since it was
her first time, she wanted a photo at this
whatever-you-call-it chair. :)

This is a blurry photo of my BFF at yoga class.
And here's another blurry photo of me this time. :)
Hope you enjoyed Labor day also!

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