Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Late Mid-year Update

I know, I haven't been blogging for ages. It's just that I think I have this what you call a bloglife crisis (or does it even exist? LOL), or whatever you may wanna call it. I am also super busy though I always have time to surf the net (but of course!), I can't seem to find ample time to blog. And there are some instances when I had the chance to write, my mind would suddenly go blank. Am I getting old, or something? Anyway, to fill in the great hole in my blog, allow me to refresh it by sharing the update for my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Lessen caffeine intake. Uhmm..I have become officially nocturnal so, can I have it as an excuse for coffee? :)
2. Decrease alcohol intake. I think my alcohol tolerance level sank, so I would only usually finish around 3-5 bots. Yes.
3. Quit smoking. NEGATIVE! (Ugh!) I feel sorry for myself.
4. Save MORE, spend LESS. I really do not know why, but it seems that I can't do it no matter how many times I have tried. :(
5. Minimize partying. I went out just a couple of times--meaning every other weekend, or so. That would count as minimizing, right?
6. Be an early bird. Or maybe just TRY HARD not to be late.  I am doing really good at this one. *fingers still crossed* I hope I can endure this until the end of the year.
7. Eat healthy foods. Check. I am eating veggies na talaga, but not all the time. Plus, I also drink milk and finish my food in every meal as much as I can. I really DO try.
8. Exercise.  I'm still working on it since I am no longer enrolled in any fitness program.
9. Learn how to cook real viand. I've tried cooking na. So far, the ones that I know how to cook are Chicken Hawaiian and Lechon Paksiw. LOL
10. Be more responsible. I'm working on that. The last time I lost a very significant something was on May. And guess what I lost? A camera. I know, I suck. Boo me!

So, there it is. My somehow unsuccessful resolutions. I haven't even reached 5 out of 10. But the game isn't over. I still have more or less 5 months to get back on track. Yeah baby! See you in my next post! I hope I can blog more often again soon. :)

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