Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brace Yourself for the New Year!

2012—year of the Black Water Dragon, as the Chinese would say. But hey! I am no Chinese, so I am not going to talk about that. I’m here to share my goals for this year. Yes, you've read that right... GOALS.

Last year, I made this list of resolutions which was divided into 2—the seemingly achievable and the unachievable ones. But as usual, I achieved none of it really. So, I have decided that I have to make goals instead of resolutions. It may be somehow the same but goals seem to be more encouraging.

So here are my goals for 2012. And don’t expect a long list anymore.
Eat healthy. Be healthy.
                Once you eat the right kind of food, good health just follows. We need to take care of our health because it's where our life depends on, not just literally. So, let’s take care of our health by minimizing unhealthy lifestyle (if you can’t really do away with your vices) and aiming for long life on earth. So to speak, “Health is Wealth”.

Save. Spend. Stop.
                I have always been the typical shopaholic—panic/impulsive buyer. Some people may say that I do not know how to save, but believe me, I certainly know how to. BUT I definitely and most accurately know how to spend. I always have savings, but comes along with it is a ‘what to buy list’ just so I can reach my planned savings amount. However, I wanted to train myself to be prepared for the future, most especially for emergencies. Thus whenever I save and spend, I should now find the will to stop. I MUST have the will to stop.

Whine not.
                Complaints just come out of my mouth as often as ‘please’ and ‘thanks’. Before, I make a fuss out of everything a lot, but I have been very good lately. I seldom complain or post a rant on my social networking sites if I can help it. I want this year to be full of positivity hence, every time my blabber mouth start grumbling, I MUST retrace my steps and let out a different remark.
Aside from making those goals, I also got orthodontic braces just last December! Yeah I know might be a little bit older for this but “it’s better late than never”. A friend even said, this is a form of preparation for my wedding pictures--with perfect teeth!

Oh well, let’s toast for a good year ahead. Happy 2012!

And this is your newly-braced
blogger blabbing...blah blah blah. =)

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