Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holidays 2011

I did not have quite the best holiday so far, but I am still thankful that I was able to spend the holidays with utmost happiness and contentment at heart somehow. Let me share to you a summary of 'My Holidays 2011 in pictures'.

Since I wasn't able to book a ticket home for Christmas eve, I decided to spend the 24th with my pals from the office. We went straight to Seafood Island after work and headed to Moose Grill after learning that we ran out of beer already. Talk about being alcoholics (and I am so not).

'Twas a Beery Christmas after all.

It wasn't that long and I did not even notice the time, I was home already! (This was 2 days later after Christmas).

Stolen shot: Mama, Papa and not-so-lil Sis are quite camera shy.  :)

Alas! It's so good to be back. (At Encabo's Ancestral Home)
I was only home for a few hours (27th Dec), but I got lotsa visitors already! I can hear them all talking while I was in my slumber. I thought I was dreaming that I am hearing my dear friends' voices, but they're real. They were just outside my room chatting with the rest of my family, waiting for me to wake up!

With my dearest childhood barkada: The YoC'mon!
The next days that followed were all about family and myself. We had a mini reunion for both sides of the family. First stop was Lola Em's 81st birthday on 31st of December and the next one was the New Year's lunch with the Encabo Clan.

With the cousins from Mother-side of the family. :)
@ Lola Em's 81st birthday bash

With cousins JR and Pau during New Year's lunch. :)
Lo and behold, that was somehow a summary of my mini-vacation. The remaining days will be spent at home while planning for my 2012.

Say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012!

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