Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Last Quarter

For this year, I believed to have lived a life with 'a curse'. That curse is to lose something very important, one each for every quarter. Now that October just started, I have to be extra careful with my valuables. I won't post the things I lost until end of the year, coz I'll have to see for myself yet if this curse would really take one more stuff away from me. For now, there are just a few things that makes me excited for 'The Last Quarter'.

I love meet-ups--with friends, cousins and everyone else. In short, I love hanging around, talking and catching up. May it be over coffee or a sweet slice of cake, it doesn't matter. It's the people you are with makes the moment worthwhile.

We don't actually celebrate the holiday but it's the time when my family gets to gather and just hang around. It's like a mini-reunion. On the same note, I also get the chance to meet my friends (yes, I always see to it that I insert 'meet the friends' in my schedule). Also, it's the only time for me and my little sister (who is no longer so little) to bond for a longer period of time since Halloween falls on a sembreak. Besides, who knows we might get invited to a party. I love costume parties!

Only Philippines has a four-month long Christmas celebration. When the -ber months kick off, Christmas is already in the air. I can't wait for it. It's always the time of the year when I am excited for gift-giving, gatherings, parties, events, and so on. It's only during Christmas that I splurge a lot, really a lot, not for myself but for others. I'm a gift-giver ever since. I love giving people something no matter how little it may be or how close we are. I just love seeing happy faces when they receive my gifts.

After a month or so, I have updated my blog posts. I hope I can keep up. *fingers crossed*

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