Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Short Break

I just had my shortest vacation ever that fell on a loooong weekend.

Oct 29 - My flight bound to Bacolod was at 10:05 AM. I didn't know what happened, but despite of several reminders that I need to be at the airport earlier since a lot of people are going home, I left my apartment around 9:15 AM. My cousin (who is also my housemate) is the one getting more nervous than I am. She keeps sending me BBM asking if I missed my flight or not.

When I got to the airport, I went straight to ask for a cart but everybody already took it and nothing's left for me unless I wait for a passenger to free his cart. Good thing the cab driver was so kind that he helped me with all my stuff (THANK YOU SO MUCH, KUYA!). Since I was kinda getting late for my flight, I didn't bother to line up anymore. I went straight to the security and showed him my ticket, so he let me through. And since my ticket is on business class, I was accommodated promptly right there and then. I even got a Php200-worth coupon of Mrs. Fields! What a treat! Not for long, I was already home.

Milkshake and chocolate chip cookies! Yummy! :P
Oct 30 - Home and church are the only ones on my list. Sunday is a family day. I'm not always at home so I might as well make the most of it.

That day, we scheduled to visit my aunts and uncle. So right after lunch we prepared some stuff before going to my family's ancestral house. I never miss to visit them whenever I am home. The house is where my Dad's siblings who aren't married and are no longer married stays. We spent the whole afternoon watching movies and chit-chatting.

Oct 31 - The Girls' Day Out. It's me and my not-so-little sister's day out in the morning followed by a mini-get together with my girls in the afternoon.

My sister shopped til I drop--literally, because it was my treat! Good thing she understood that the older sister ain't got all the money in the world to buy her everything her eyes can see but she meant to buy enough for us to carry a lot when we went home.

Girl power bonding! Had some sweets before heading home.

Nov 1 - My last day at home. I was meaning to tell Dad something since I arrived on Saturday. I planned to tell it when we visited my Mom at the cemetery but something came up and I wasn't able to carry it out. I decided that I  should really tell him about it before I leave.

It was only my Dad who accompanied me to the airport. After a few moments of contemplation, I gathered all my guts so that I can tell him what I wanted to tell him ages ago. And so before I checked-in, I told him about my tattoo. Yes, I've got a tattoo (not just one, but two!). For those who have read my tumblr post a year ago, you should've known already. But for my Dad who only browses the internet once in a blue moon, he doesn't have a clue. So there, the bag I've been carrying all this time has been lifted off my system. Alas, my tattoos are now legal! Hooray! La la la la la

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