Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manila Bloggers Fest

I've always wanted to join events with fellow bloggers, but I guess thought that I am not yet ready to mingle with great bloggers with amazing blogs, although I signed up hoping that I can go with my friend. And yesterday, fate proved me wrong because I was able to attend my first ever event at Thunderbirds Resort for the Manila Bloggers Fest. Alone. Yes, alone.

photo taken from Mr. Azrael's blog.

Oh yes, I was there! Being with myself did not stop me from coming (but I almost did not go, long story). And I apologize for not sharing this when I got to read this because (I know, it might not be that acceptable but hear me out!) I have so many things to get done with my office workload that week--till now, and I just quickly signed up right after I have read about it. And lemme share some photos I found online after the event because (here's another excuse), the photos I took using my camera phone was corrupted and were ALL deleted. Ugh! I didn't get to bring a cam that day so I only depended on my phone, and I am such a loser for not creating a back-up copy. *sobs*

Forget about the crap. Lemme just share to you the only photos I got from Azrael's Merryland and Baicapture.

Meet Ate Kitty.

Here's Ate Rachel and Kuya Alex.

Say hello to my seat mates!

Ate Rachel is no longer in the picture, she left early

I just wish I can get a copy of the photos Kuya Alex and Ate Kitty took that day, not to mention that they brought with them their flashing DSLRs.

For now, let me end this post by saying this, I am more than glad--I am honored--to have attended such events. I so love my fellow bloggers! Kudos to y'all!

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