Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Craze

It's a Friday once again and everyone is excited. Today marks the 1st of April--which is commonly known as April Fool's Day. Luckily, nobody at the office seemed to throw a prank at anyone, thus I was very relieved. FYI: I am always bullied at the office, how much more on a you-can-get-pranked day? Anyways, the day just went on smoothly. And in the afternoon, we gathered at out conference room to have a little salu-salo for Kuya Yong's birthday (I am not really sure how old he is already).

The birthday cake from Goldilocks.

The birthday boy with his 'handa'.

Introducing the 'mangangains'. LOL

They're forcing me to eat two slices of cake at once!

After office hours, we headed to Padi's Point in Madison to continue the craze. I believe we were too early because there were only a few tables occupied when we arrived. Yet, we still went on. Too bad, there were only six of us because the others weren't able to come. Check out some of the photos that captured the moment.

The 'manginginoms'. Hahaha

Okay, so I don't like the way I look here.

Who's that chick? Tsk tsk tsk

The birthday boy was so glad to have a pic with the vocalist.

I am obviously not liking the band up there sa stage. =/
Twas a crazy Friday after all. Had fun despite all the hassle and stress from work. :)

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