Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet The Bloggers

Let me share to you a story of my day during the Manila Bloggers Fest last Saturday.

I woke up really early for me not to be late but, here's the catch, I wasn't late but I was ALMOST late. So, I ended up riding the van going to the venue instead of having to meet and greet lotsa bloggers in the bus. Most of the people in the van seem to know each other na, so I did not bother to meddle in na lang. Then when we reached the resort, I was sort of curious if I am the youngest blogger to attend because most of the people there looked, you know, old (no offense meant). And I was like, will I fit in here? Not to mention that I was the only one asked if I was already twenty-one when I was handed the free casino ticket (or maybe I did not just hear them ask the others).

When we got inside, I headed straight to the front row since I am not gifted with a 20-20 vision. But goodness gracious, it was so hot there that made me feel so uneasy and uncomfortable that forced me to go out every now and then (the air coming from the AC might have not fully surrounded the room yet, I guess). I was getting annoyed of myself  that I kept saying 'excuse me' to Mr. I-never-get-the-chance-to-get-his-name and to the others who might have noticed my uneasiness as well. Thus, I transferred at the back--the last row actually, and there I met Ate Kitty. She was so generous to share the long table with me. And a little later came Kuya Alex, then Ate Rachel. We became instant comrades who looked out for each other.

Here, I am also going to share their very own blogs.

  • Ate Kitty's:

Cristina Dela Paz is a graphics art enthusiast. She blogs the stuff she creates like those she has sketched or painted. She really has a passion for art and I hope that she'll continue doing her passion. I believe she'll be opening a new art blog soon, so watch out for it. For now, you can visit her blog here.

  • Kuya Alex's:

Alexei Rivera is a techblogger. He blogs mostly about gadget reviews. He's also a photography enthusiast (even brought two cameras during the event and offered me his spare during the photography workshop. Thanks, Kuya!). Visit his blog at The Technoclast.

  • Ate Rachel's:

Rachel Nalus Quintos, I guess, is a volunteer or an affiliate perhaps at VSO Bahaginan. VSO is a group/community committed to fight poverty and disadvantage through a wide range of volunteering development programs. I was not really able to chat longer with Ate Rache coz she left early. If you wanna be a part of her org, visit their site

So, those were my dear seat mates!


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