Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sabado Night

Serren just turned 21 on the 31st of March, but since it falls on a Thursday, he chose to move the celebration on a Saturday. He was able to gather friends of different cliques--the pharmacists, medtechs, nurses and other relatives. Although his family and best of friends weren't there to celebrate with him, I guess he also had fun that night with us.

We rented a KTV room at Sing Side in Dampa, Macapagal. And we ordered food in Aling Tonya's (which is basically the one we always went to when I was still staying in Cainta). Here are some of the photos taken tonight:

Sa wakas, 21 na daw sya! LOL
The pharma people (L-R: Stacey, Me, Eden, Ralph).

The MedTechs plus Erika.

Other friends that consist of MedTech, Educ and Nurse/s.

The Tita, Tito and cousin.

The whole bunch.


Anonymous said...

the place looks amazing!!! we would like to celebrate there with my officemates. do you have any contact number of singside for reservation


Mai said...

Hi Anonymous! Sorry I did not get the chance to reply to your comment. I hope you found the place thru google. I did not have their contact info anyway since we only walked in that day. I hope you had a fun celebration with your officemates still.

Thanks for dropping by!