Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Saying

Every time something not so good happens to me, I do away with blogging because I don't wanna post rants and complaints as much as possible. But please spare me this post, and allow me to say a few things.

*Misfortune strikes again. Last week, I lost my effin' phone of 1 year and a few months. That was one of my favorite, not because of it's technical features (tell you, I'm not a techie) but because it's so chic and just looked so good in my hand whenever I hold it. Screw the person who stole my phone and may s/he rest in peace! F*ck you whoever you are!

The last photo I can find where my phone is pictured. XD

*I've been trying to determine again my alcohol tolerance recently, and damn I'm doing good. Not so long ago though, I tried to become sober. Only to become frequently invited to hang outs and just plain come-here-at-my-place-and-let's-have-a-drink. I am not the usual drinker you know. I only take what I can and stop whenever my senses is still able to tell me to. But mind you, I have had my fair share of drunken stories since I started drinking when I was 12 (and I wish that my cousins and friends who witnessed those moments of my life would've probably forgotten about them already *fingers crossed*). Anyhoo, nobody has seen me really wasted yet except my Dad. We'll perhaps he somehow knows everything about me. Just somehow. *wink*

***photo to be attached soon

*I always say these to a chosen few, I am one hell of a good friend but when you had me on the wrong side of the planet, I can be your worst enemy. I'm usually a sweet person, malambing they say. But hey, it doesn't mean that when I am all that, I do not know how to kick some ass. And yeah, I can be a bitch sometimes. So please, if your life is so messed up right now, don't mess with mine. Go mind your own business, or better yet, go to hell!

This photo was taken a year ago when
someone has been pestering me and I
can't help but make this my pp in Fb. XD

*A lot of people has already told me countless times that, "Ang arte mo!". With that said, I always tell them back, "Alam ko!". If you can't live with it, you're not worth my precious time and friendship. I've grown into a 20-ish "lady" and the people who surround me was able to survive though. So if you choose to enter my life by being a friend or just a plain acquaintance, read disclaimer:
Maarte ang taong ito. Befriend her at your own risk.

Kung maarte ako, mas lalo naman sya! Hahaha :))

*And last but not the least, call me tamad coz aminado akong tamad ako. I rarely do household chores. Really. I am even very dependent on simple things like folding my clothes or putting my shoes back on the rack. But as I have grown older and wiser (which is hurtful to admit), I am learning and I knew better. Baby steps, yes, baby steps. I am still trying to absorb the gist of everything little by little. That's why I complain and whine a lot. So, lemme say sorry if in one way or another you are affected of my katamaran. It's just who I am. And in any instance that you do not like it, hear me loud and clear: I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! :P

Staring into blank space..nothing to do.

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