Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello Love Month

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This love month, all I wanna do is just talk about love, anything related to it or anything that I would relate to it. I call the shots here, thus I can post whatever I want. Hah!

What is love? It's the question frequently asked in slum books or autographs. Girls oftentimes giggle whenever they write an answer for this question. Maybe except for me. For when I first encountered that very same question way back grade school, I came up to my Dad to ask for a very witty-sounding answer to impress my friends.

I could only vaguely recall our conversation (in our own dialect of course, I'll just have to translate it to English):
Me: Pa, what is love?
Papa: *sings Love is the Greatest Gift of All*
Me: Pa! Not a song. Something very nice or unique, so that I will not have a duplicate answer with my friends (I was thinking of being different from theirs).
Papa: Love is a many splendor. Love is kind. Love conquers all. Love is..
Me: Okay, okay. I'll take the first one. Thanks!

I did not know what that meant but I chose it because it sounded good. So silly of me. But when my friends came to ask me what that meant, I was not able to give a good answer. I never really knew anything about it until I bumped into it when I was in high school and found out that it was also a song! My goodness, I was deceived by the sound of it and my Dad. But nevertheless, I looked up the lyrics and I understood what it meant. Somehow. Or not. Hahaha!

But there's one thing I learned about love. It is more important than life. I can say that one's life is worthless if you have not experienced to love and be loved.

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