Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's With A Twist

I believe I have told you in my previous post on how I spend my typical Valentine's Day. And how random things surprise me, I celebrated it today with quite a twist. And I wanna thank my dearest amiga, Eriline Mae Descalsota and her boyfriend (my lifter way back then), John Andrew Delgado for making my day.

Let these photos do the talking:

The happy kid feels like it's her birthday!
This is Mr. John Andrew Delgado, yo!
The love birds.
Thanks a ton amiga-bestie-roomie!
Yeah, I know! I'm not that vain. =P
My favorites--pizza and chocolate cake--served on Vday!
Len <3 John
The "birthday boy". LOL
You made me happy.
I am more than grateful.


carizzachua said...

that looks fun :)

thanks for visiting my blog :)

sioMai said...

@carizzachua: Thanks for visiting mine, too! :)