Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine Weekend

Like a few others, I am an occasion person. I seldom forget birthdays, anniversaries and the like. I love celebrating even simple stuff like acing an exam. Thus, Valentine's day is no exception. I may not have a "partner" to highlight it with romance, but I have plenty of friends to spend it with.

Actually, I still feel a little sad that I won't be able to celebrate V-day at home. Because FYI, our family celebrates it. And this year would be the third time that I am away from home. On 2009, I had my duty at the hospital, and last year (2010), I have to deal with my upcoming final thesis defense. My Mom would usually order a cake and the four of us will gather together like it's a big deal of a family affair. If I'm not mistaken, we even went to the beach way back grade school to just hang out on Valentine's. See? It may be an ordinary occasion to some families since some dwell more on the couples, the partners and the lovers, but not us. We were raised not to think of dates and getting swept off our feet during Valentine's. We grew up spending it  with our family and  spreading love to others (classmates or neighbors) through card giving or it can sometimes be an ice cream stick with a heart-shaped card saying "Happy Hearts Day" or a laminated heart bookmark, and the like. Things like those complete our Valentine's, and I somehow feel incomplete for not having done those for the past three years. Maybe, it's just a matter of getting used to on how I spend the hearts day. Nevertheless, I am still happy having my friends around during times like this.

Here are the photos of my Pre-Valentine Weekend:

Saturday Morning - Yuri's 1st Birthday @ Marikina

With the uninvited guest. LOL

From L-R: Ate Emz, Ate May, Me, Tati

With Marco the little clown

Saturday Night - Pyromusical Competition @ MOA

With BFF Ren

With Tati, My F! (Mga batang "yagit")

Showing off his new pair of slippers.

Sunday Morning - Walked around Harbour Square, CCP Complex

We ♥ Icebergs!

My right arm looked so...thin. Ugh!

Can't get enough of the cherry. LOL

At the baywalk area...

I wanna have my own yacht, too!
You people are so stubborn!
I really had fun. I dunno what's in store for me on the actual Valentine's Day. We'll see.

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