Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I went home very late last Friday night. I did not go out nor went to the mall. I had to run some errands at the office so I ended up going home around 11PM. I was overworked and exhausted. But I am still no workaholic. It's just that a lot of things has to be done before the weekend. When I arrived at home, I literally slumped into my bed after changing my clothes and fell asleep just like that.

Saturday--Gloomy and Gay
When I woke up on Saturday, it did not turn out to be a good morning. I received a text message from my sister that our Aunt was gone. I texted back and confirmed if she really meant gone as in GONE. And curse the network services that day because I can't seem to send/receive messages so I demanded her to call me. Hence, I heard the bad news--our Aunt (by the name of Nieves Encabo), passed away by not waking up anymore. She was already bed-ridden for a couple of months now due to frequent stroke attacks. Somehow, we were relieved that she no longer suffers pain and is now in the loving arms of our Almighty Father, but we cannot deny the fact that we are grieving for a lost loved one. May her soul rest in peace.

It was also my nephew, Kenji's 7th birthday! I can't believe he's all grown-up now. Too bad we weren't there to celebrate his birthday, but I am glad he enjoyed his party despite the tragedy. After I had lunch, I went to take a nap. I was supposed to meet my friends in Megamall after eating but I ended up meeting them in MOA around 6PM because I cannot seem to bring myself to get up. Thanks to the fireworks display for it has somehow cheered me up. We walked around the baywalk then later had dinner at Shakey's. I so love seeing my friends. They always bring comfort without even trying. I am just happy that despite the fact I lost someone, I still have my friends with me. We went home late that night because we went to Greenbelt to hang out after sending Tati home first. I was left with the two boys and we just talked anything and everything random. I let a sigh of relief for having such good company on a not-so-good day. Twas not totally a bad day after all. I was able to go to sleep without carrying a heavy heart.

Sunday--Rest and Re-charge
Today is my Mom's 16th death anniversary. I seldom tell poeple about it, so I just went on with my regular Sunday normally. I forced myself to wake up very early since I have to attend the 8am service at PICC. Thanks to my new BFF--Serren Lor, for bringing me there. I was really blessed with the message. After hearing the word of God, we were accidentally led to CCP to take a peek at the opening of Pasinaya 2011. We watched some artists perform. We even got our own program as souvenirs. Unfortunately, we were not able to witness every single performance even though we really wanted to, since our stomachs were complaining already. Right then, we  left and walked our way to KFC in Harrison Plaza. The highlight of our meal were the Krushers because (like everyone else who ordered the same) we are also aspiring to win the tickets to Taylor Swift's concert (I would really love to watch it). After a few minutes of walking around, we decided to head home. It's time to re-charge because tomorrow is another working day.

*PS: I will share some photos of this weekend's happenings soon. XO

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