Monday, February 7, 2011

Lousy Monday

Blame it to the women's famous mood swings. I rarely experience such. And even I don't have my period right now, I had quite a temperamental behavior today. I might have woken up in the wrong side of the bed.

First and foremost, I woke up with a twitched-eye-look (the look you usually get after crying bags of tears overnight). I was so pissed when I saw myself in the mirror because FYI, I did not cry (even though my Aunt just died on Saturday and yesterday commemorates my Mom's 16th death anniversary). I don't like crying because it makes me look hideous--the swelling eyes and reddened nose.
Secondly, I punched in late because I left the house late. Ugh! I tried my very best to wake up the earliest, but I ended up going to work late because of my twitched-eye-dilemma.

Third, I forgot that today is the first Monday of the month and the office usually holds a mini-thanksgiving gathering that is inclusive of free lunch. I was so annoyed bringing my baon back still intact. But I don't have a choice anyway, or do I?

Fourth, I think my migraine will be having a quick visit for the next couple of days. My eyes  I believe, are very strained and overused since I am facing the computer everyday, not to mention that I still do when I got home from work at night. I need to take some Mosegor before everything else get's worse.

Fifth, I seem all cranked out. I can't focus or concentrate. I get irritated easily. I am not usually like this.

And last but the least, I went home looking wasted and worn out. I always do look like this every Monday and I hate it. I have to do something to change this consistent weekly annoyance.

Despite all these, I still love myself and my job. I might just be need a little pampering and distraction from all the hassle.

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