Thursday, February 17, 2011

10-Day Challenge: DAY 1

Ten random facts about myself:

 Registered Pharmacist by profession – successfully passed the boards on June 2010 after graduating on April 2010

♡ Fashion Enthusiast by passion – loves dressing up and to dress other people, too!

Party goer – loves surprises and parties, from kiddie to pajama to debuts to clubbing

♡ Sweet toothed – never says no to sweet stuff

♡ Blabbermouth –can’t last a day without talking

♡ Nail-a-holic – considers fab nails as the crowning glory of the hands

♡ Beach bum – loves the beach—the sun, the sand and the memories created in the beach

♡ Caffeine addict – can smell the scent of coffee 10 yards away

♡ Shopaholic – hates to admit it, but the truth stinks

♡ Certified Asthmatic – yes, asthma is the all-time-nemesis

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