Monday, February 28, 2011

Month-end Update

As promised, every end of the month I'll give you updates regarding my progress with my New Year's Resolutions. I am not very proud of this month's outcome. I just hope I would do better the next month.

Here it goes (for the Achievable Ones):
1. Lessen caffeine intake. Check. I seldom take coffee na lang!
2. Decrease alcohol intake. I just had a few bots when I go out.
3. Quit smoking. Check. As in. POSITIVE!
4. Save MORE, spend LESS. I am still working on it. Very hard. The shortest month of the year always seems to be the most expensive month as well, and I do not know why.
5. Minimize partying. I went out just a couple of times.
6. Be an early bird. Or maybe just TRY HARD not to be late.  I am not really good at this one.
7. Eat healthy foods. Check. I am eating veggies na, as long as my taste buds can handle the craze.
8. Exercise.  Check. I walk my way to the office everyday (before riding a vehicle).
9. Learn how to cook real viand. Still unaccomplished. I do not have the time yet.
10. Be more responsible. Trying.

So, what can you say? That is all I can do for this month. Let's see again on the 31st of March! 

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