Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go Team Philippines

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I love sports as much as my Dad loves it. He's one of those sporty guys I know, and he's the one who has influenced me to become a sports enthusiast though I am not that  healthy and fit to be one.

I was still a little girl when he introduced me to a lot of sports. We would watch the NBA games together (we were the avid Bulls fan back then but we parted ways when he became a Lakers fan and I, a Celtics fan), watch local basketball games, go swimming or take a jog/run, play chess, and sometimes, he would tell the stories of his youth during those times when he used to play basketball, volleyball and football over and over again. I guess the only ones that I was able to apply to myself are swimming and swimming. My body could not sustain myself to indulge in a very physical game like basketball and football, while volleyball seems to hate me even though I have tried for a lot of times already.

Just a few moments ago, our own Philippine football team--THE AZKALS--won the AFC challenge cup, defeating Mongolia Blue Wolves in a score of 2-0! Unfortunately, my Dad was not able to watch the game since he was at my Aunt's wake, hence, I became his personal newscaster. I told him every detail I can while watching the game (just on TV). It would have been more fun if the two of us were able to watch it live since the game was held in our beloved hometown--Bacolod City. Maybe next time.

For the meantime, I am rejoicing! I have once again witnessed a spectacular game. I might not know by heart all the rules of football as much as I do in basketball, but I felt every single thrilling excitement during the game.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I just added a few crushes on my list from the members of the team. They are Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper) and Simon Greatwich (midfielder). Nevertheless, I will always cherish the Younghusband brothers, James and Phil (strikers).

Football is love. It reminds me of my high school crush. *wink*


psychotic child said...

yes... J>>> haha... last time ko pa ni na read pero now lng ko ka comment... wala ko ni ka blog friend... ahaha...same2x gid ta ya ah...migahay gid kita!

sioMai said...

I really wanted to watch it live sana, if (only if) I was there. Of course, with you! Hahaha