Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let Us Celebrate

It's not a major celebration though, just a gathering to rejoice for the success of the Janwarriors (my friends who took the Pharmacy board last month). We ate dinner, roam around UST grounds, watched a silly movie, and spent the night together since it'll be their last (they're scheduled to go home the next day to Iloilo). Eventhough I have work the next day, it did not matter. I just wanna spend some time with my friends. That is what you call LOVE. Let these pictures do the talking:

Feeling Thomasians at 400. :)
Feeling ko I just passed the boards, too!
Captured moment. LOL
Watching The Art of the Devil Part 2 (or 1. I forgot! =P)
Featuring Mr. RMLS turned Mr. RPh!
Arigato gozaimasu to Ms. Heshynee Mae Aiko A. Tabata, RPh. for sharing the photos with me.

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