Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

To be honest, I do not have Chinese blood (which is very obvious) but I chose to celebrate the Chinese New Year last midnight just to make up for the New Year that I wasn't able to celebrate since I fell asleep. I ended up reporting to the office late this morning, though.

Anyways, this blog is to give update regarding my progress with my New Year's Resolutions. I am very proud to declare that I am doing great for the first month. And I hope it continues to the next succeeding months.

Here it goes (for the Achievable Ones):
1. Lessen caffeine intakeCheck. I would only have a cup once or twice a week, and sometimes--NONE!
2. Decrease alcohol intakeCheck. I just had one bottle the last time. No more, no less.
3. Quit smokingCheck. The last time I smoked was the on the 7th Jan.
4. Save MORE, spend LESSI am still working on it.
5. Minimize partyingCheck. You won't believe it but I really haven't been to a bar or a club the whole month.
6. Be an early bird. Or maybe just TRY HARD not to be late I am trying, and will still do. It's just that I can't help but really oversleep.
7. Eat healthy foods. Check. I am bringing lunch to the office everyday.
8. Exercise.  Check. I walk my way to the office everyday (before riding a vehicle).
9. Learn how to cook real viand. Unaccomplished. I do not have the time yet.
10. Be more responsible. Check. I am learning every step of the way. Baby steps, baby steps.

I won't talk about the others (Seemingly-Unachievable-But-Not-So-Impossible Ones) because they weren't labeled as such if they were that easy to do. Hahaha! So that's it for now.

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