Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Rush

Did you ever hear me rant here about work? Hmmm. Maybe once or twice. But not really. Now, please hear me out.

For two consecutive Mondays already, I feel like I have been working like hell. I am supposed to feel fresh and enthusiastic every Monday, but, here's the BUT, unfortunately I feel the other way around. When I smell the perfect aroma of coffee every time I enter the office, I would instantly feel alert even without having one cup (because I am trying to be real and serious with my resolutions). But yesterday and last Monday, I felt the weight of my workload welcoming me early in the morning. It seemed so heavy to bear that when lunch time came, I was able to finish every food inside my lunch box (I'll be blogging about this soon...), which is a good thing though because I am trying to gain weight also. But how am I supposed to do that when the food I eat everyday is not even enough to compensate my lost energy. I was not been able to blog also! Not to mention keeping up with those blogs I follow. And, did you know that I wasn't able to watch TV and take dinner because when I arrived at home I headed straight to my bed after changing my clothes and drinking milk.

It seems like my work has been consuming most of my time lately. My blog title says 'Non-Workaholic'. I just do hope it would remain that way, because I'll find a way to have fun despite all the hassle.

Yeah! I can do this! *mischievous smile*

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