Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost Cards

After the incident on January 1st, I just realized how important my cards were. Among the lost ones are my company ID, PRC ID, college ID, and my bank cards. I really experienced the hassle of having to reason out whenever asked for identification. Fortunately, I have one valid ID left that helped me through the past few days--my Postal ID.

With the lost cards, I have to deal with the process of getting them replaced.

As for my bank cards, I didn't have a hard time requesting for replacement since they accept phone transactions. I also had a smooth transaction with my company ID because all I did was just ask for a replacement from our lay-out artist. Unlike my PRC ID, I really have to go to their office and file to request for a new ID. Plus, I have to wait for approximately 15 working days before I would be able to get the replacement. As for my college ID, I will never be able to get it back. It's a good thing though that I scanned my IDs the last time before I lost them. Was that a sign that I will be losing them? Hmmm. Here, let me show you.

This is my Company ID.
It may have the not-so-really-nice-old-school-look,
but it's my pass to enter the FDA, BHDT and
various hospitals around the Metro.
This one is my beloved PRC ID. Though I do not like
the way I look in the picture, this thing is very precious
to me. I studied hard for this for crying out loud.
And last but not the least, my ever
dearest College ID. It has been with me
through the good and the bad times:
during our thesis final defense,
my flirty moments, my nerve-wracking
exams, the basketball games, my trip
to the guidance and dean's offices,
and many many more. Too bad, it's the
only thing that has witnessed almost
everything that happened to me during
my college days, and it's so sad
that I lost it, because what's left
for me now are just mere memories.
I just wish that I don't have to lose things again, may they be of great value or not.

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