Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday Madness

I was sort of exhausted from yesterday's field work. I was not able to have lunch because I waited to be entertained by Dr. Duke (name has been changed for privacy reason) regarding the papers I am processing. Plus, I went home late because we have to attend to our lymphedema patient, as scheduled.

Today was quite uncanny. I started my day at the office having a tumbler of lukewarm coffee and a slice of bread. I did not feel sleepy nor did I feel alert either. It was just OK. I did my daily routine--preparing RFs, dispensing meds, answering phone calls, replying emails, and the like. I was just having a normal activity, on a normal day.

When afternoon came though, things shook up a bit. The caffeine just kicked in. I was more than enthusiastic. I even kept on smiling when my immediate superior introduced me to out visitor from Swtizerland, Mr. Jack Johnston, who is the Export Sales Manager of Salzmann Medico. It was like my smile was plastered in my face. So superficial. LOL.

Then came this weird craving of mine for cotton candy! I can't wait for 6PM for me to be able to buy that sweet little thing.

The clock struck 6 but I wasn't able to leave just then. My superior and I talked about my retroactive pay. (Thank God for this, 'coz I really need extra cash right now. I'll be blogging about this soooooon.) After the short discussion, I was not still able to get out of the office because the others invited me to eat with them the pansit bihon they ordered for everyone (which I prefer calling bihon only). I went home around 8:30PM, just in time for the match airing of Gossip Girl Season 4 at ETC. Too bad, I was not able to buy cotton candy since I don't wanna miss the show.

It does not end there yet. I don't know what is happening in my system but I cannot seem to bring myself into sleep. It is already 2:02AM and my senses are still at peak. I heard a rumor that the result of the Pharmacist Licensure Examination last January 25-26, 2011 will be released today, so I waited a little longer.

It's 3AM already and now I have decided to hit the sheets and start counting sheeps for me to be able to get to dreamland. Sweet dreams! *fingers tightly crossed that I won't be late tomorrow*

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