Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twas A Whole New Weekend

I have said things in my previous post regarding on how I spend my typical Fridays, covering the weekends. This time around, it came to me differently.

I have declared a lot of things in my New Year's Resolutions. And by declaring those, I am obliged to work very hard to achieve it.

Anyway, this Friday was a whole lot of fun without the party, take note: without the party! Actually, I haven't gone out to parties since the 1st of January. After I wrote about the resolutions, I am determined to accomplish my goals, and I am serious about it. Thus, the abstaining began.

Last Friday, I went straight home after work to prepare for my lipat-bahay. Then, this Friday, I only had dinner with two of my dearest amigas, and went home right after. I am more then happy hanging out with them. I just hope that we will always have times like this, when no one seems to worry for school or office works. But reality bites hard. We can only hang out once in a while, and we have to make the most of it.

I know, a little sometime soon my college friends are gonna ask me out. And I am now very positive that I would know what to prioritize things and only choose parties or events to attend, and not to go to all of them. Hihi.

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