Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a bang to start the year! Yeah. Really. My world shattered a little after what happened but I was able to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Let me tell you a story of what happened to me on the first day of the year.

On a cold evening of January 1st, my friend and I arrived at NAIA Terminal 2 earlier than the ETA. I was already feeling ill so we decided to head straight home. We hailed a cab and the sickly me took a nap on the way home. When we got near the house, I panicked because I thought the gate was locked and I do not have the keys to open the gate! I stepped down the cab immediately the moment it stopped and tried opening the gate and was relieved when I was able to open it. I went back to the cab and got our things from the compartment. The cab driver even asked when he was about to leave if we got everything and I responded with a confident yes. When already inside, I wanted to go straight to bed but remembered that I need to check something online so I turned to my stuff when I realized that one bag is missing!!! I left the bag that is sitting beside me in the cab. It contained my laptop, IDs, ATMs, and other necessary documents. I wasn't able to get the plate number because I was too confident nothing will happen since I was travelling with someone. I was starting to feel cold and numb. So before I lose my sanity about the situation, I gathered all my shit back together. My friend and I went outside the village right away to wait for the cab to come back, hoping and praying that the cab driver or the next passenger would be kind enough to return my stuff.

Unfortunately, no sign of the cab coming back.

I called up my Dad and told him about what happened when we got back at the house. He didn't  even get mad at me but he was rather worried. VERY MUCH. He's the type of person who tells you not to mope around for lost things, but rather accept it and learn the lesson from the situation. Then guilt crawled up on me, even until right this very hour. How careless can I get?! I am so dumb for not getting the plate number. I would have had the chance to get my stuff back if only I had gotten the plate number. ONLY IF! Eff. Fuck.

I'm almost done with the drama now. Though guilt still doesn't leave my system, I am moving on. Whether I get my bag back or not, I have accepted what happened to me and nobody is to be blamed. I am just so blessed for having such a wonderful, understanding Dad. Like what my friend told me, I'll chalk it up to experience!

Life's a bitch and shit happens. But hey, I'll have better days!

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