Monday, January 24, 2011

Extra Work is Fun

Did I say fun? Oh, yes I did! But hey, I just realized what I said. My title says extra work, how come it became fun?

Actually, I am referring to a writing job that I signed up. I may have a lot of workload here at the office already, but I still signed up to the job since I really am into writing. And it seems that it is my only way (aside from blogging) to keep my thoughts coming. At the same time, I can also use what I have studied in college because I only chose to write for certain subjects. Right now, I am already accepted as a freelance writer and I still have to pass a trial period as a new comer. I do not know if I am doing good already. I just do hope I am so that I can keep my so called "writing job".

Actually, I really feel happy having this extra work. Writing is one of my leisure pursuit. I have been a constant staff of school paper organizations since elementary through college. I hope I can still keep it until the day I still can.

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