Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Friday

The big bosses are out (they usually are, on Fridays). So the lethargic afternoon, turned euphoric when the office receptionist pulled out her camera and asked us to post for pictures. The ordinary office staff turned into glam supermodels! (Okay, I am just exaggerating. *giggles*) Here are some of those charming, goofy, nonsense photos:

The day is not done yet, because we (Ate Emz, Ate Che, Let and I) still have to attend to our lymphedema patient for her scheduled therapy. It was raining cats and dogs outside. Luckily, when we're done, it has already stopped. We ended up going home around 10 o'clock in the evening. But despite going home late, we had fun. Mrs. Ann (name has been changed for privacy purposes), brought us brownies and treated us for dinner. Let me share some of the behind the scenes photos during the therapy:

-->FYI: The photos which shows some body parts of the patient were taken with consent.

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