Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wayward Weekend

I have been doing good with spending my weekends wisely, but not so much this time.

Saturday was sorta hectic for me. I went to run some errands then met up with a friend at MOA, toured the gym and went to our friends' dorm. I ended up not sending my laundry to the shop, thus I was obliged to wash my Monday uniform the next day.

I woke up not so late on the Saturday morning since I am going somewhere. I did not bother to have breakfast since lunch is only a few hours away. After doing some errands, I have to rush to MOA because Serren was waiting for me there and I think he waited for almost two hours which led him to spend quite a lot for shopping. Oopsie, not my bad. He always does that anyway. After going around the mall and touring the gym, we went to visit our friends who are waiting for the result of their board exams. We had dinner and then went singing at a Karaoke bar after dinner. Instead of going home, I slept at my friend's dorm after a bottle of alcohol and a few rounds of scary movies. So, that was how I spent my Saturday.

I went home on a Sunday morning, when the sun was already above the clouds. Then, I dozed off just like that when I reached my bed.

At 1PM, I forced myself to get up because I have to attend the 3PM service at church, and also because I have plans afterwards.

Tati and I watched Love and Other Drugs. We were able to relate to the movie because it has incorporated partly the pharmaceutical field. Also, the movie made me ponder if I can also have a condition like that of Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs) and Jaime Sullivan (Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember) so that I'll have an alibi not to get into serious relationships. I am not wishing for it though, it just made me thinking.

So silly of me. I guess it's just my insanity taking over. Forget I said that. Or not. >:)

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