Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Work, Goodbye Holidays

Hi there!

Yesterday was very stressful. I wasn't able to post a blog because I have to attend first to my paper works before dwelling on whatever I can do online during light hours. The world wide web is my fun place when I am at work. I'm glad to have found playmates, in the person of my blog-mates, who help me ease the stress away.

Anyway, I was blog-hopping when I came across Earthlingorgeous.com Blogversary Birthday Giveaway. I started blogging through multiply around early 2007. Then joined blogger on December 2008. I would have had celebrated blogversaries as well if I hadn't been inactive. I got inspired to continue on blogging and perhaps have my very first blogversary in the near future, and maybe with the giveaway as well. I can't wait!

 In the meantime, let's get back to work fellas!

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