Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Since I went home very late last night, I ended up waking during lunch time today. I barely had the strength to get up since I felt like I needed more sleep than I already had. My stomach was grumbling already but I opted to turn the television on first before heading to the bathroom. There was no particular show that caught my attention so I decided to take a bath for me to grab some lunch.

I had lunch at Jollibee. (Actually I took the food with me at home. I don't feel like eating alone in public. Unless duty calls.) I ordered my usual meal--spaghetti with chicken and sprite without ice. I dropped by Mercury Drug to buy Kitkat, lots of 'em. I was kinda starving na at the moment so I hurried back to the apartment to eat.

While having lunch, I turned the TV on. Nemo's showing on Disney, hence I watched. I am really fond of 3D cartoon movies. Actually, not just the 3D ones. Hehe.

Right after having lunch, I positioned myself in front of the television. I jumped form one channel to the other, until I bumped into HBO. By then, I stopped pressing the  remote control to concentrate on the show that captured me. It was "A Walk To Remember", one of my all-time favorite movies (and book also). It did not fail to stimulate my lacrimal glands to form warm waters in the corner of my eyes. I am always led to tears whenever I watch sad movies, though I am not a crybaby. I really argue every time I am called as such.

When the sun has set, I just remembered that I wanted to go to the mall. I haven't been to one since Monday? Oh, I forgot and I hate to recall. So, after dinner around 7:30PM, I headed to MegaMall to visit one of my Waterloos--Forever21! I don't have to tell you what I did there, I guess you know it already. *winks*

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