Friday, January 14, 2011


Thank God It's Friday may sound cliché, but I always look forward to Fridays ever since I started school, up to now that I already have work!

I know, I should be apologetic for lack of posts. So here I am, making up for it.

When I was in grade school back then, I looked forward to Fridays for some silly reasons:
*School's over and Monday is still a long way to go
*I don't have to suffer doing homeworks during afternoon
*AND...I'll have the whole weekend to play, play, and play! Spell F-U-N!

When I was in high school, things upgraded a bit. I looked forward for Fridays because:
*I can forget about schoolwork the whole weekend
*I can watch may favorite shows and stay up late in front of the computer until the wee hours in the morning
*AND...I can spend my idle hours at my friend's house OR another friend's house. LOL

College came, and things got even more advanced. I get excited whenever I cross out Friday on my calendar because:
*I can go home after school (my college is a few nautical miles away to my house, thus I have to rent an apartment)
*I can spend quality time with my family (and my high school friends, and church pals, and many more! Haha!)
*OR...I could just stay in my apartment and wait for midnight to go party! Or not. *wink*

During my unproductive days (those were the days when I became an official bum after graduating from college, passing the boards, and did not look for work), I somehow forgot Friday excitement because everyday seemed a Friday! Haha!

Then I landed a job. Things happened so fast. I didn't realize I became a working girl already. But since I am no workaholic, I always find a way to have fun. And whenever Fridays came fast approaching, I get thrilled because:
*I can go out and party, party, party!
*I can hang out wherever, whenever.
*I can stay up late doing whatever, and wake up late without worrying for a red time card.

So, those are the things why I am so thankful for Fridays. =)

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