Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Working Weekend

I've always had my weekend off. Meaning, I am free during the whole day of Saturdays and Sundays! Unfortunately, this weekend didn't turn out just like the way I wanted it.

Saturday supposed to be was my lipat-bahay schedule, along with allocation and arrangement of the new place, buying needed stuffs and getting things done. But I wasn't able to do that since I have to report to the office at 9am and might as well end at 6pm (same to my daily schedule). It was just like I went to work on a regular day, with a regular pay. It is not counted as OT. Actually. So, I have to wake up much earlier to send my things to the apartment, then went to the office right after. I had a lot of caffeine shots to keep me going that day. After punching out from the office, I went straight to the grocery to buy my toiletries, then went home because I still have to finish unpacking.

Sunday came. I was still feeling hazy when I awakened, but I forced myself to get up because it's time to go to church. My roomie and I then went to buy some stuff that we still need in our new house. We ended up going home around 7pm. We're only a few hours away from Monday and I am not ready yet. I did not have enough rest yet, but I have to report to work already. I guess you can call this the "working weekend".

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