Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Place, New Roomies for the New Year!

I just moved from Cainta, Rizal to Makati City, baby!

It's such a good omen to welcome the new year with a lot of new things. But even though I am quite ecstatic moving in with my best bud from high school and my cousin, I am already missing my housemates back in Cainta.

They (the housemates) may not be related to me by blood, but we consider ourselves siblings! They are like my long lost Ates and Kuyas that I have always wished for when I was still little. I hope they are doing alright without me or rather me without them.

Here are the people I owe a lot for my approximately 6 months stay in Cainta:

Nang She. Thank you so much for having been so accommodating ever since, and for treating me like a real sister. You have always welcomed me with warm embrace, from your house back in Manapla, even until here in Manila. You've always shown me kindness and sisterly-love. Words may not be enough to express my gratitude, yet it does come from the depths of my heart.

Bb. I never imagined we can also be that close. We have just been mere family friends and have not treated each other as sisters until the day we were able to live under the same roof. We have so much in common that's why we clicked immediately. You also became my instant confidante. Thank you very much for treating me as your younger sister. I will always be grateful for that.

Tito Nelson. My second Dad. One of my Dad's buddies. You may not be present here in Manila but I feel your care just like my Dad's. You have such a good heart. May you, my Dad, and the rest of our families have a harmonious relationship till the end of the days. Many thanks!

Tita Shirley. My second Mom. We may not talk that often but I can feel the concern and love you are showing me, despite the distance. Thanks a ton!

Bornoc. Dol! A term of endearment for a friend or even a brother. Thank you so much for whatever reason it is. I am just happy that even for just a short span of time, I have experienced to have a brother.

Nang LoryAnn. Even though you are not here in the Philippines anymore, I still wanna thank you because I've learned a lot from you--cooking, commuting, cleaning and a lot more household chores. You taught me on how to develop my independence. Thanks!

So far, they are the people who gave an instant effect to my life during my stay in Cainta. I became a part of a new family and felt I really belonged. I am truly grateful.

So for now, I hate to say this, but good-bye Cainta. But then, I am more than glad to say, HELLO MAKATI!

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