Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unproductive But Rewarding Weekend

This weekend is more than ordinary. Out of randomness, I have gone through this weekend unproductively at the same time, rewarding. I have written a rundown of my Saturday activities here. Now, let me share a bit of my Sunday's not-so-best happenings.

I woke up very late (I choose not to tell what time), because I ended up sleeping at wee hours in the morning since I watched Frozen Flower. It's a Korean movie starred by Jo In-seong. He is the one who played Paolo in Memories of Bali...hmmm..still have no idea? Google it! I am not really a big fan of Korean movies (but I quite enjoy watching series), I just watched it because it was lent to us by a friend who declares it was bought from Korea talaga and worth watching pa. Let me warn you that this movie is highly rated PG. The movie is just OK (for me), so I am in no position to tell you whether to watch it or not.

At 4PM, I set my foot out of the apartment to go to church with my college BFFs Tati and Jen. We met up at their dorm in Sampaloc before the 5PM service. Then, we had dinner at Greewich after church. It was my first time to try Greenwich's Orange Choco Truffle Cake. It was quite satisfactory but I ended up sharing it to my friends since I cannot finish the whole slice, as usual. Hehe. Then after dinner, we went to their dorm to wish my other classmates good luck for the upcoming Pharmacists Licensure Examination. I became an instant celebrity when everyone greeted me while giving compliment to my outfit. I was wearing a black sleeveless with en suite scarf that I tied up to look like a big bow tie, a black cardigan, denim shorts with red belt and black flats. What made my outfit stand out is the bright red stockings that I was wearing and my red SLR camera bling. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of my so-not-fashionably-self.

And so, I will bring all their compliments with me to bed. Hence, I will now retire to sleep. Tomorrow's another working day. But I feel quite rewarded for spending the weekend with so much sleep. Haha!

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