Friday, January 7, 2011

They are so IN! Again!

Stockings! Leggings! Socks! I wanna get a lot more of these cute little things. I'm dying to wear them all year.

Though Philippines, unfortunately, does not experience four seasons, I personally fancy winter clothes. But since I don't get to wear them here, I just became fond of them. Thankfully, a few pieces of a winter-wonderland get-up are so in this year..

I know that these pieces--stockings, leggings, above-the-knee socks--are so like last year, but then again, they are still in!

Here are some of the pictures that inspired me to pursue my fondness, from one of my favorite style icons--Blake Lively!

Blake showing off her long legs
in her sexy fishnet stockings fab cut-out leggings

..and in hot socks!

And also, from some of my friends who never lose the sense of style!
This is voluptuous Min. She just proves that being
plump ain't a hindrance to become fashionably fab!

This shy-type, girl-next-door Jelly 
has somehow cracked out of her shell
when they migrated to the States.

And this is the ever-kikay Jim.
Don't you just adore her?
Maybe sometime soon I'll post photos of myself in stockings, leggings, and socks, too!. I'll have to dig up my photos first. :)


Anonymous said...

weee....hahaha daw kahuluya man ni mie man.hahaha but thanks amiga..lala.mwuah!

siomai said...

@jelly: Itchokay mi amiga! You look fab in the photo! =)

Anonymous said...

hahaha thanks's weird that my figure looks good from afar though I gained a lot of weight around this

siomai said...

@jelly: Ooh! That's a good thing. I so envy you with the gaining weight thing though. =P

Anonymous said...

hahaha if I could only share some of it I would be more than willing to mie coz I'm trying hard to lose weight before it goes out of and btw, is the photo caption recently updated? coz I can't remember reading that last time. anyhow, i haven't cracked out of my shell yet. still the old me.hahahaha

siomai said...

@jelly: Actually, I am planning to enroll on a weight gaining program sa gym but not now. Hehe. I put man there 'somehow', which meant you haven't totally cracked out yet. Hihi